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Running your own internal team network will optimize your work processes and enhance security.

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Brosix gives you all of the tools that you need to increase your team’s productivity in one easy to use platform.

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Get your own Team Network up and running in 60 seconds, so that you can bring these benefits and more to your business!

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Reap the benefits of instant messaging with full control of your team network and encrypted communication channels.

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  • Easy to use and implement
    It looked unique and it would fit our business better.Read Review
    userPatrick C.Agency Owner
  • The best tool to connect employees
    We wanted to try a new company, because we believe that it is the one that has the greatest push and listens to its customers before they are thousands.Read Review
    userSergio M.Manager
  • Great Product – Simple & Clean
    Made the switch to get a better IM platform for cheaper that can be archived.Read Review
    userBrent B.Director of Operations
  • Very useful
    It will not allow anyone outside our employees to be added like Yahoo!IM, etc. That way I know our messages are confidential and they aren't chatting with friends, etc.Read Review
    userJennifer J.Owner
  • Easy to use from any device!
    My company has been using Brosix for over 6 years and we've been extremely pleased with the reliability of the service.Read Review
    userHolly J.Small Business
  • Great Messenger for our offices
    Skype was just not what doing what we felt needed to be done within our agency.Read Review
    userBrandy W.Agent
  • Great secure messaging service with clients for all platforms
    We needed an easier way to apply security/encryption while maintaining open lines of communication. The easy installation and setup made adoption of the client very helpful.Read Review
    userEoin G.Manager
  • Brosix – What else do you need?
    Brosix allows instant messaging, audio, file and video sharing in one app. Great for communicating and supporting all employees.Read Review
    userDavid H.Instructional Support Specialist
  • Brosix is a great team building tool!
    Brosix is a great team building tool! We have multiple offices and this communication tool is vital. We have used Brosix for more that 5 years. I can't remember ever having a problem or the service being down.Read Review
    userTracy R.Co-Owner
  • Brosix does it all
    I like the real time chat, file transfer, and screen sharing with all folks all over the world.Read Review
    userJosh MIT Specialist
  • Why you’ll Love Brosix
    After researching everything about other chats, this one seemed to be the easiest to implement into our environment as well being at an outstanding price point.Read Review
    userTravis V.IT
  • We Love Brosix and use it daily!
    It is very user friendly. Our office can send messages to everyone or individually. It is used all the time and helps our office communicate!Read Review
    userColleenSmall Business
  • An excellent private IM for corporates
    Complete administrative control, including online status of employees. Forming small groups for project teams discussions, screen sharing, file transfer, screenshot pasting.Read Review
    userAshwani G.Small Business
  • Been using Brosix for over 10 years for my clients
    It's simple, private and secure. Unlike Skype there's nothing else to distract you. Brosix has all the features you need to be able to communicate, assist and work with clients. I give it my full recommendation as I've used it for hundred of clients over the last 10 years.Read Review
    userMark A.Small Business
  • Easy to use and full of features.
    Brosix has been easy to use and is loaded with features. Being able to screen share while my staff works from home due to Covid has been incredibly helpful.Read Review
    userJoshua L.Agency Owner
  • Great Chat platform
    I like how it saves all the history on the app or online and you are able to use it anywhere. Also that you are able to do screen share and make calls to other users and do video calls. Read Review
    user AMMarketing and Advertising admin

What is Brosix?

Brosix is a powerful and easy-to-use instant messaging platform designed with team communication in mind. Brosix gives its clients a fully administrable private team network, which provides an exclusive and secure collaboration space. Clients control who is added or removed from the network, and can easily manage users through a range of administrative features.

Brosix comes with a package of unique features and tools aimed at boosting team collaboration and streamlining communication. From a range of chat options, to screen-sharing and unlimited file transfers, Brosix is designed with the modern work environment in mind. This makes it an excellent solution for enterprises looking to improve their productivity.

Why Brosix instead of free public IM?

In short, Brosix gives customers a private network that grants them more control over internal communication and provides a higher level of security.
Free public instant messengers allow users to communicate with any type of contact. With Brosix, clients are able to ensure the authenticity of network users, limit instant messaging to business purposes and easily manage their private network through a web-based administration console. Brosix is also committed to never displaying any advertisements, unlike free public IM.

Is Brosix secure?

At Brosix, security is a top priority. By taking a comprehensive approach to security, through end-to-end encryption on all communication channels, Brosix keeps all communications completely private and worry free.

Is Brosix cloud based?

Yes, all necessary server components run on the Brosix cloud. We handle everything from operations and upgrades, to maintenance and support, allowing you to focus entirely on your business without worrying about internal servers and maintenance.

Is Brosix HIPAA compliant?

Brosix does not process customer health information, so we are not subject to HIPAA. However, Brosix customers who are subject to HIPAA, SAS-70, SSAE 16, HITECH or any other regulation can easily meet their requirements. Find out more information about Brosix security

How do I set up a Brosix team network?

You can sign up for a 14 day trial through the Brosix Signup page with just your email address and basic personal information. For your convenience, we’ve created a tutorial to help you through the process.

How can I join an existing Brosix team network?

As part of Brosix’s strict security features, joining a network can only take place with administrator approval. This allows clients to authenticate anyone who would like to join their network.Users can join an existing Brosix network in one of three ways:– With an email invitation from the team administrator. Simply follow the instructions in the message.– By being directly added to the network by the team administrator.– By creating a Brosix account and joining the network directly (the administrator will need to share the network name or **ID beforehand and explicitly enable this option).More information for team administrators on creating and managing user accounts can be found here

Can Brosix users connect to each other outside of their team network?

A Brosix user can communicate only with users in the same team network. Each Brosix user account is fully managed, configured and monitored by the team network administrator.

Are there any limits on the number of employees who can use Brosix?

Brosix is an ideal solution for teams of all sizes. You can experience the benefits of Brosix on a team network with as few as 2-3 users, or as many as 10,000. Most importantly, when your business expands you can change the number of users in your team at any time. Each available level of Brosix upgrades to accommodate your team’s size.

What are the specific features available on Brosix?

Brosix provides multiple features aimed at increasing team collaboration, facilitating network administration, and ensuring a smooth user experience. We also continuously strive to update and expand our features based on user feedback. We encourage you to explore Brosix IM’s Features.


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