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per user per month
$1.70 – 12.70
per user per month
per user per month
per user per month
$1.70 – 12.70
per user per month
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Designed for companies
User Activity LogGet access to all user activity logs in your private IM network.
Private team networkIM network that you have full control on it. You control who can join the network and what features to use.
Custom logoShow your company logo on brosix applications to improve the expercience of your users as they have a visual confirmation they are working with your IM network.
Features controlYou can enable and disable features for each user.
Managed contacts listFull control over user accounts:
– create/edit/disable accounts
– edit user contact list
– enable/disable features for each user.
Encrypted communication
ScreenshotSend a picture of your screen with
a single click.
Screen sharingRemotely control the desktop of your colleague and help him with his computer.
Available in different languages
API for user management
Voice chatMake a voice call over the internet on thousands miles away. You can activate a video to see each other.
Video chat
Ad free
No server to maintain
Free technical support
Active Directory SyncSynchronize Brosix accounts with your Active Directory.
Spell check
Broadcast messagesSend a message at once to all or to a group of users.

NOTE: Enterprise versions fully control which user can use this feature.
WhiteboardShare pictures and drawings in real time on an MS-paint like application window.
Unlimited size file transferHigh speed file transfer over direct peer-to-peer channels that are secured and encrypted.
Anti virus check
Automatic update
Design and Sound Themes
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