Mobile Features

Mobile IM Features

Brosix instant messaging features available on its mobile apps allow you to communicate better on the go.

Mobile Communication Features

  •  Text chat
Secure encrypted peer to peer text messaging with your contacts. Chat in real time from your mobile device.
  •  Chat room
Chat with multiple contacts in real time. Stay up to date with your team on the go.
  •  Emoticons
Use a range of emoticons to better communicate with your contacts. Show your contacts exactly how you’re feeling.

Mobile Chat Features

  • Offline messaging
Receive all your messages while you are away as soon as you return online. Never miss a message.
  • Chat history sync
Automatically sync your chat history from all of your devices so that your communication is in one place.
  • Local Chat history
Access your chat history directly from your device in order to keep better track of your conversations.

Mobile Productivity Features

  • Send Files
Send files to your teammates even on the go.
  • Send Voice Messages
Record and share your thoughts in the most convenient way.
  • Send Video Messages
Record or send videos from your library no matter where you are.
  • Send Geo-position
Share your real-time location with others, so that they find you on the map.

Mobile Collaboration Features

  • Send and Receive images
Quickly and easily share visuals with your contacts for better communication.
  • Custom contact groups
Organize your contacts into custom groups for easier communication.
  • Geolocations
Easily share your current location with contacts, and receive theirs in return.

Mobile Supplementary Features

  • Push notifications
Get instant notifications on your mobile device when someone messages you.
  • Updates
Receive ongoing updates aimed at increasing functionality and usability.
  • Compatibility
Use Brosix on a wide range of devices- iOS phones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. Brosix web is always available as well.
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